Digital information is the most important strategic asset of every organisation.

oneEYE© is perfect for businesses looking to control their IT infrastructure in order to avoid data breaches and system downtime through an easy to use reporting tool.

Our consultancy service provides an in depth IT health diagnosis in order to secure your IT infrastructure to avoid costly data loss, improve performance and costs.

If your business is built on customers trust,
Darnet is the right security partner for you.

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oneEYE© monitoring service

Are you aware of the potential exposure to crippling fines and loss of business confidence
if your customers data is breached?

Is your customers trust important to you and your business?

Do you know how to protect your business from potential security breaches?

With oneEYE©, understand and control your IT infrastructure

Bandwidth manager

Security monitoring

Network inventory

Graphical user interface

Ongoing support via ticketing

Embedded device provided

Remote monitoring system

Software agents or agent-less

Standard or customised profiles

IT security consultancy

A Team of IT experts

Meetings with internal stakeholders

Security assessments


Penetration testing

Detailed Reports

A detailed design of your IT architecture

Implementation of new solutions

Ongoing support and testing

Security Verification

Case studies & Testimonials. Some successful experiences.

For privacy and security reasons, information,
references and details related to the clients have been omitted.

Security assessment

A multinational company was managing all its IT system on its own for many years when a security incident happened. A lot of important data have been stolen and the company lost a lot of money. They decided to contact Darnet. Our goal was to identify and protect the company digital information and intellectual property. We have been processing in three steps:

Digital Forensics: collecting all the digital proofs to start a legal procedure against the suspects

Security Assessment: analysing the company security level by identifying the databases, the related risks and defining a new way to protect the full infrastructure.

Solution: setting up a continuous control plan of the IT infrastructure through monitoring systems and periodic penetration tests. 

The company is now safe, protected and able to manage its IT infrastructure.

Response to incident and mitigation

An Internet Service Provider was experiencing breakdowns and leak of data.
Thanks to its expertise, Darnet have been able to work on developing these key areas:

Acquisition of the information: mirror the file system, collect and analyze the system logs

Evaluation: analyze the network traffic, understand that the web server was compromised

Security Assessment: identify the system vulnerabilities and causes of the hacking

Solution: contain the problem and restored the system, guaranty the service continuity by monitoring the infrastructure

The Internet service is now well managed and under control.

Penetration testing

One of our clients is an industrial company with sensitive IT security topics. They required a penetration test on their network infrastructure in order to evaluate their potential vulnerability.

The Darnet advanced security division simulated attacks and penetration tests on their IT system.

The Darnet team found an important issue in an web service.

The customer - also with the Darnet support - mitigated and fixed the issue.


An Italian Internet Service Provider was particularly sensitive to clients’ data security. They wanted to optimise their IT infrastructure and to increase the security level.

Consultancy: Darnet have been able to design, plan and manage servers’ consolidation

Migration process: we managed this process to a virtualized system in High Availability and the setup of layer 7 device firewalls.

Proactive Monitoring: we gave to the company the main tools to be able to understand, control and anticipate their data.
we worked on the backup and the security management services.

News and events

[2017-10-19] Collyer Bristow: #GDPR & #cybersecurity seminar

Today at Collyer Bristow, Darnet IT Security Consulting talks guests of the through good practice when it comes to in a business and for the individual.

[2017-09-01] OneEYE Net

Darnet has released the new version of OneEYE Net, a connectivity monitoring appliance.

Provided as a service, the device is installed between the corporate firewall
and the external network, enabling an easy and effective monitoring of enterprise connectivity.

Throught OneEYE Net, you can understand what is happening on the company network,
with full respect for the user's privacy.

OneEYE Net provides real-time and historical data analysis tools, drill-down browsing and real time alerting by sms/mail.

[2014-10-06] oneEYE© - monitoring service

Today Darnet launches a new IT security service: oneEYE©

oneEYE© is perfect for businesses looking to control their IT infrastructure in order to avoid data breaches and system/website down time through an easy to use reporting tool.


The Darnet personality

Training activities and seminars

Training activities and seminars

Training is the most important of Darnet goals. Everyone, inside the company and outside as partners, is involved in managing and attending training activities, lectures and workshops.
People working in Darnet spend at least 4 hours per week for training purposes and they are involved in seminars as speakers at least once per year.

Project management

Project management

Darnet manages every activities (internal and external) using standard methodologies of project management (Prince2) in order to control, measure, optimise the processes aim at to guarantee quality and transparency for the services provided.

Alternative approach

Alternative approach

Darnet considers strategically important to establish the headquarter in London, where the technology, the dynamic market and the cultural diversity contribute to develop a wide vision and innovative contents.

Ethical vision

Ethical vision

Transparency, respect for persons, search for synergies, win-win approaches, personal and professional development are the Darnet key values. Darnet works as a partner, not purely as a supplier, establishing relationships based on trust and professionalism.

About us

Darnet was founded by Michele Della Marina and Dario Tion in 2013 after realising that many businesses do not understand their exposure to potential IT security breaches and Data loss. As IT security experts they found that this problem was not confined to small businesses but to also large corporates who experience difficulties in understanding all their potential IT weaknesses.

Determined to help all businesses avoid costly data breaches and stop cyber crime they formed Darnet with the goal of making IT security easy.

IT Security is a big concern. The average cost to UK businesses for a security breach is 2 million pounds which in many cases would lead to the end of trade. Businesses often over look IT security as they usually do not have the expertise or are aware of the risks involved.

For small businesses without the IT infrastructure or knowhow this represents a huge risk to their business. OneEye was developed with this in mind. A simple solution that is easy to set up for a minimal monthly fee Darnet can help small business reduce their exposure .

Larger businesses often grow very quickly which means potential security weaknesses are hard to identify and address. Often Directors over look the importance of IT security as a business cost they do not understand. Darnets consultancy services can map your IT infrastructure, identify weak points and provide solutions that is cost effective and clearly outlines potential threats to data and intellectual property.

Darnet also offers market leading solutions to prevent system and website downtime. If your business relies on your website being available to customers this is crucial.

At Darnet, we believe Security can be achieved for businesses of all sizes by using simple and affordable tools.


Meet the team

Michele Della Marina [CEO]

Michele graduated from the University of Udine (Italy) in Electronic Engineering and holds a masters in business administration at the Luiss Business School G. Carli (Rome). He is been working in the ICT field for 12 years, both as employee and as self-employed consultant. Among his professional experiences, he has worked for 5 years as network infrastructure manager at the research center Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste ScpA. Michele also lecturers at Ditedi about ICT topics (systems, architectures, networking and security). [Mail] [LinkedIn]

Dario Tion [COO]

Dario graduated with a diploma in Electronic and Telecommunications from the technical secondary school ITIS A. Malignani as well as a master course in business administration at Luiss Business School G. Carli (Rome). He has been working in the ICT field as self employed for 15 years, as a consultant for many Italian IT companies. His experience proved useful in establishing important professional relationships with some of the largest Italian companies, providing consultancy on ICT security and systems administration. Dario also lecturers at Ditedi about ICT topics (systems, architectures, networking and security). [Mail] [LinkedIn]

Stefan Ellis [Sales Director]

[Mail] [LinkedIn]



Join the team

At Darnet we are always looking for new talents in order to always propose to our clients a high-quality service. We consider really important to highlight the values and knowledge of our employees.

If you want to work with us, please send your CV with a detailed covering letter matching your experience with the job position you are interested in on


Code of ethics

Transparency, respect for persons, search for synergies, win-win approaches, personal and professional development are the Darnet key values.

Darnet works as a partner, not purely as a supplier, establishing relationships based on trust and professionalism.

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